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JoJo Fundraising


Having fun, bringing the community together and raising money for good causes–just another day at the Inn! Pizza Inn has a variety of fun and innovative ways help you support your school, club, sports team or any non–profit organization. We’re open to your ideas, too! For more information on how you can partner with Pizza Inn for your good cause, or to make reservation for your next fundraiser, call us today.

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Need to raise some dough? Call your local Pizza Inn to schedule a date for your organization to host a dough raiser. It's easy as pie... pizza pie! Just follow these 3 easy steps!

Step 1 - Call your local Pizza Inn and schedule a dough raiser.

Step 2 - Promote your dough raiser night in advance through school newspapers, church bulletins & emails. Be creative and have fun spreading the word!

Step 3 - Show up on your dough raiser night to thank your guests for coming and then collect your dough!