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Whether it's an authentic Italian stromboli, a made-to-order sandwich, piping-hot pasta or our signature cheese-filled Pepperoni Wraps — Pizza Inn house specialties make great crowd pleasers.

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Ham & Cheese Stromboli

Thinly sliced smoked ham, melted Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese, garden fresh bell peppers and onions... all delicately folded and baked in our special crust.

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Savor the rich, homemade taste of our delicious pasta. Our signature sauces are delicately blended with just the right seasonings and ladled over a generous serving of steaming pasta.

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Our sandwiches are prepared with lean meats, Provolone cheese and garden-fresh vegetables. Sandwiches are served with chips and a dill pickle spear. Your sandwich selection includes the Meatball Sub, Chicken Fajita, Ham & Cheese or Italian Sub.